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Get the most use out of your deck by scheduling deck cleaning.

Decks are sought after by many homeowners for several reasons. They’re nice to look at and fun to decorate with comfy furniture, throw pillows, string lights, and more. They offer a place where you can enjoy solitude as you experience the outdoors or spend time with your loved ones. Decks also add value to your home. But though a deck can offer a wide variety of benefits, you won’t be able to enjoy them to the fullest if your deck is dirty and grimy.

Deck Cleaning in Paris, Texas

At HomeTown SoftWash, we offer professional deck cleaning because we know firsthand how dirty decks can get and how damaging some contaminants can be. Mold and algae, for instance, can eat away at your deck whether it’s made entirely of wood or composite materials. This is problematic for your deck’s integrity as well as its appearance. But with our deck cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about your deck anymore.

We are skilled in exterior cleaning, so we use the appropriate cleaning method for each surface. For durable surfaces, we may use pressure washing, but for more delicate materials (like what your deck is probably made of), we opt for softwashing. Softwashing is a gentler method that uses water-based, biodegradable cleaning solutions and water to eliminate contaminants without using high pressure. It yields exceptional results, so your deck will be in great condition by the time we’re finished.

If you need deck cleaning in Paris, Texas, we are more than happy to answer your questions or provide an estimate. Contact us today.