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We offer fence cleaning for homes and commercial properties in the area.

Fences perform a variety of important functions. They can help to keep out animals, prevent criminal activity, provide privacy, and create a boundary between your property and your neighbor’s. They can also enhance your property’s appearance, whether you have a traditional picket fence or a more sophisticated aluminum or iron fence. However, fences are less effective at doing what they’re meant to do when they’re covered in dirt and grime, so regular fence cleaning is very important.

Fence Cleaning in Paris, Texas

There’s no question that a dirty fence is not a pretty sight. It can be a source of embarrassment at your home or have a negative impact on your business’ image. A dirty fence could also lead to extensive damage if there is mold, mildew, or algae growing on its surface, since these contaminants like to eat away at organic materials such as wood. Luckily, we can fix your problems at HomeTown SoftWash.

We’re an exterior cleaning company serving homeowners, business owners, and property managers in Paris, Texas. If you have a dirty fence that desperately needs attention, we have no doubts that our professional fence cleaning service will yield the results you want to see.

Our chosen cleaning method is called softwashing, a gentle alternative to pressure washing that won’t damage delicate materials. It uses water-based, biodegradable cleaning solutions to eliminate harmful contaminants and break down dirt, grime, and insect nests or webs, so your fence will be cleaner than ever once we are done. The results will also last longer than any other method.

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