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Improve your patio’s appearance with our professional cleaning help.

Your back patio should be a comfortable place to spend a lot of time. In an ideal situation, you’d probably like to sit outside to enjoy the nice weather, hang out with your friends and family, have cookouts, and play with your kids. However, if your patio is covered in dirt, grime, or other unsightly buildup, you’ll probably feel less inclined to go outside.

Patio Cleaning in Paris, Texas

Instead of hoping that the buildup on your patio will magically disappear, simply call in our professionals at HomeTown SoftWash. We’re patio cleaning professionals here in the Paris, Texas area known for our exceptional customer service and our consistently excellent results.

Depending on your patio and the type of buildup you’re dealing with, we may choose pressure washing or softwashing methods. Our experienced technicians are trained to only pressure wash the most durable surfaces, so you can rest assured that your patio won’t be damaged in any way. You can expect us to create a customized patio cleaning method based on the type of patio you have, what’s surrounding the area, and other factors.

We often choose softwashing techniques to clean patios because the combination of low water pressure and water-based, biodegradable chemicals effectively break down debris and completely eliminate contaminants from surfaces. This patio cleaning method sanitizes the surface, gets rid of buildup at the source, and makes the surface look significantly better than before.

If you’re ready to improve the appearance of your patio, we’re ready to make it happen with our exterior cleaning solutions. Contact us today for more information about our approach to patio cleaning and to set up your next appointment.