Window Cleaning: How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

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There’s nothing like having a bright, beautiful, and clear view out of your home’s windows. But after a recent window cleaning, it’s often disheartening how quickly dirt, grime, sap, dust, rain spots, and other buildup takes over the view.

Window Cleaning: How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

At HomeTown SoftWash, we get questions all the time about how often window cleaning should be done. Our team never uses pressure washing techniques on windows because they can cause damage and deteriorate the glass. In order to prevent damage and ensure your windows are squeaky clean, we use a method of cleaning known as softwashing.

Softwashing for window cleaning is a great way to make your windows sparkle and shine without any damage. And the best part is that when you have your windows cleaned by us, our processes completely eliminate dirt, grime, and buildup, leaving you with windows that are cleaner than clean.

Although your window cleaning results will last for quite a long time, we find that most homeowners like to have their windows cleaned about once a year. This is just often enough to keep your windows looking their best without noticing too much buildup coming back and ruining your view.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about window cleaning, including how often you should plan on having your windows cleaned. For more information about our window cleaning services or to set up an appointment with us to have your windows cleaned, get in touch with us today.